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Teri CEO and President

Who We Are

Meet Teri O'Donnell - Founder and CEO

It all started with a steady vision and a noble mission. What first began as an early calling to assist investors in achieving financial freedom through business ownership advanced to become a mission to serve veterans and match them with the ideal franchise after identifying their goals and skills and locating the perfect business opportunity.

Teri O’Donnell is the founder of Prosperity Franchise Group. Through her business, Teri relentlessly works to serve veterans and investors and help them advance their future business in pursuit of financial independence. Teri is a franchise investor and owner herself; she is also a member of the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG). With her extensive expertise, Teri has all the components which entitle her to approach veterans and investors and help them run a successful franchise.

How It Started: A Background Brief

Teri’s background has a rich experience in the Marines. After six years of serving in the Marine Corps in Norfolk VA, Quantico VA, and Okinawa, Japan, Teri assumed that the transition phase-out of the military life would be simple. However, entering into the realm of civilian life wasn’t as pleasant.

Teri found it hard to combine her background expertise with finding a new job and starting a career. 

Her military accomplishments, expertise in the M16, computer programming in the Marine Corps, and training Marines in the field did not translate into a regular, 9-5 job which would ensure a “white picket fence” to come back to.

That was when when she knew that she had to create her own future.

She kicked off her 20-year career in the trenches and moved into the financial services industry. She possessed different roles including a loan processor at a mortgage company, a mortgage loan officer, then a bank manager. Through these roles, she realized that those who have more financial stability and wealth are those who are self-employed.

“Every new chapter in life holds within it new opportunities. It’s time that you turn that page and create your new path!”

Why You Should Go for It

When Teri first started her new life – the civilian one – she sought out starting a new business and landed on franchising. She wanted to invest in an already-proven and established business, and franchising was the answer.

She owned and operated a Massage Envy for 10 years by which she followed the systems and processes set by the franchisor. After only 6 short months, Teri was able to step away from the daily operations of the business to become a semi-absentee owner who essentially managed the manager. After growing the business to $1.5M in annual revenue, she was able to sell the business for a very profitable exit.

From Amazing Lash Studio, WaveMax, Laundry to Pet Evolution, Teri kept investing in franchise brands as a way to grow and diversify her portfolio. During this time, she also coached other investors on how to learn about and discover franchising opportunities as a vehicle for growth.

Whether you’re interested in creating a secondary income stream or parlaying the earnings into additional opportunities to grow, there is a franchise that fits your goal. Remember, scaling and diversifying your investments is the key to creating LEGACY WEALTH.

“A servant leader who has served her country and continues to serve her clients.”
-Teri O’Donnell
If you want to achieve more, avert your path from its core!

See why they love it so much!


“Teri has provided outstandingly thoughtful and knowledgeable service in the franchising consulting. She is a limitless expert in this space, an active listener, and an all around genuinely good person to have in your corner. She will always work in your best interest and is truly invested in your success. I'm so fortunate to have formed a relationship with Teri. Thank you!”

Natalie Siedschlag Naval Officer. Real Estate Entrepreneur

“Teri is world class. My interaction from initial contact through the purchase of my first franchise company was top notch. She took the time to process my desires of the target company, search for said opportunity, and walk me through step-by-step to provide an experience that was completely unexpected. During the discovery phase she was patient, making several recommendations and considerations that would eventually allow me to take the leap forward. Her connections with multiple franchises brands, industry leaders in banking, legal, and accounting, as well as her genuine concern for my success excites me to recommend her services to anyone considering business ownership. She has earned my confidence, trust, and future business without any hesitation or reservations. Absolutely amazing person and broker!”.

Rick Waters Veteran Owned Small Business-Owner

“Teri is an excellent franchise consultant and was instrumental in my personal search. She is outstanding in her field with a complete knowledge of the industry. Teri is a professional at what she does, great to work with and always provided thorough brand information. As a client, I felt confident in our communications and never felt pressured or coerced into making a decision as Teri wanted to make sure that it was the best choice for my family first. I highly recommend Teri as she would be a great asset to anyone in search of a business of their own! I look forward to a continued friendship and will work with Teri again in search of our next franchise!”

Jim Fizznoglia CEO at Quest Global, LLC