How to invest in a Franchise?

If you are a veteran looking to invest in a franchise brand, we are here to assist you!

Our experts provide premium consultation to walk you through the process of learning about franchise brands, finding the perfect opportunity, and making an informed decision prior to your investment


Getting Started

Discussing goals and investment objectives to form a clear background


Financial Qualifications

Reviewing financial resources to understand the financial net worth


Researching Industries

Researching franchise industries and brands including their geographic territories


Identifying Industry and Brands

Identifying specific brands related to relevant industries


Meeting with Franchisor

Setting a meeting between the franchisor and the investor


FDD Review

Receiving an FDD from the franchisor and reviewing it with your attorney


Validation Process

Calling existing franchise owners to learn more about the franchise: its business process, brand, and profitability


Discovery Days

Connecting you with lenders and bankers to determine the most suitable funding option


Franchise Award

Joining the franchise and receiving the license to build your new business

We are here to assist you in creating the life you desire!

Brand Exploration:

  • The first step in this phase is to identify a couple of industries and brands within our inventory that match the veteran’s vision, mission, and values while taking into consideration their financial resources and investment goals.
  • After that, we schedule a meeting between the franchisor and the veteran investor where they discuss the business in more detail to ensure that the veteran can seamlessly invest and operate the franchise suited for them.
  • If all goes well after the initial call with the franchisor and the franchisor identifies the veteran is likely a good fit for their brand, they’ll send the FDD to the veteran investor to review it with their franchise attorney.

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Assessing the franchise industry can be difficult. At Prosperity Franchise Group, our mission is to guide veterans through the due diligence process so they can better understand the franchising world.

Through the services we provide, we aim to connect veteran investors with their best franchise by providing the necessary resources needed to make informed decisions and launch a successful business.

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