Gathering Intel

In this section, you will learn about franchise investments through a series of episodes


Meet Teri O’Donnell

A mother of 3 amazing kids and 2 awesome dogs, a fond traveler, and a franchise owner.
Serving in the Marine Corp for 6 years, then working as a banker for 20 years, Teri’s different experiences led her into investing in franchising.
If you dream to become a business owner, then here’s your sign that you can do it!

Know Your Why

Before you choose to make an investment in franchising, it is important to know your why. Why do you want to make this investment? As you come to answer this question, you will easily identify the different factors which can affect your choices. What questions should you ask yourself before you invest in franchises? Stay tuned to learn more.

Proof of Concept

Investing in franchising is getting into business with like-minded people in a winning proof of concept. But what is the Proof of Concept?It is the set of systems and processes that have already proven their success and efficiency. Investing in a franchise significantly increases your likelihood of success, where you will gain access to a marketing system that has proven to be a crucial piece in business to maintain a strong online presence post the Covid-19 pandemic.

True Partnership

There are several franchise opportunities available, yet selecting the right franchise industry and brand that best fit you is an important part of the process.Before investing in a brand, it is important to learn about the leadership team to ensure that your mission, vision, and values are aligned. After all, your relationship together is that of true partnership!

You Can’t Do It Yourself

One of the best advantages a franchise has to offer is being surrounded by a community of like-minded people.As a franchisee, you will get access to a proven business model in addition to meeting fellow veterans who fought the same battles and learning from them. As I best love to describe it, “Investing in a franchise means you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.”

Working with a Consultant

If you are going to look into a franchise opportunity, you should be working with a consultant.In addition to offering professional guidance and helping you leverage your skills and past experiences, a consultant offers you access to a network of bankers, lenders, real estate brokers, contractors, and franchise attorneys… along with anyone who might be of help.

The Success that You Desire

Every franchise consultant has their personal approach and will bring their unique experiences to the table.As a veteran and franchisee myself, I assist aspiring veteran entrepreneurs in maximizing their skills and past experiences to find their perfect franchise match. Having taken the same path on my journey to business ownership, I have utilized my experiences to best serve my clients. I know how rewarding the outcome could be, and I want you to learn from my successes and failures. You can, and you will achieve the success your heart desires!

Franchise - Less Risk

Franchises are highly regulated business models which makes them a safer option to invest in. The experience of the franchisor plays an important role in choosing which franchise brand to invest in. Franchisors often have already experienced the challenges you are going to encounter, and they have the solution to overcoming these problems.